Backup of Data is very important. All your data – be it documents or images, are very important and saved over a life time and can be lost in a matter of seconds. Lost Data, in most cases cannot be retrieved – and if those with a probable chance face a very expensive path to retrieval. It is always advisable to have a backup for all your data, on an external source like an External Hard Drive, or direct into a Cloud-based backup system.

Here are 2 important (and easy) ways to protect your data

Turning off your Computer the Right Way

Ensure you turn off your Desktop or Laptop’s OS in the right sequence and not to resort to short-cuts to enable a clean shut down. This will ensure that your OS Files do not corrupted.

Having an Updated, Valid, Anti-Virus

An updated and valid Anti-Virus program in your Desktop/Laptop ensures that your data is protected against intrusive and corruptive programs that may attack your system OS, and destroy your data.