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As of today we have installed and do maintain over 400 networks for small, medium and large businesses.

Our support staff is equally competent at installing, configuring and troubleshooting all types of wired networks and emerging connectivity technology from wireless to Bluetooth networks. We have it all covered.

This installed base includes servers across many operating platforms like Windows, Linux and Novel to name a few. Also we service a variety of installations ranging from Mail Servers, Data Servers, Exchange  Servers, Web Servers to FireWalls, Antivirus Servers etc...

Many of these projects we collaborated in from conception to implementation with support from our excellent network support team.  

Tips for Networking
Switch off/on server with proper booting and shutdown sequence
Ensure antivirus and firewalls are updated regularly
Ensure server has a proper backup system in place
Ensure proper and timely backup of data
Ensure all data is stored in the data server only
Ensure proper power backup
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