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Circutek maintains over 15000 PCs across 1200 clients all over Bangalore and surrounding townships.

We maintain companies with old and new computers from a 286/386/Pentium and the latest Pentium 4, Core 2 Duo Processors, Centrinos etc on a comprehensive and non-comprehensive basis.

Our large and widely experienced customer support team reaches you in time to solve the most complex problems ranging from fierce virus attacks to handling very sensitive data to total system failure or just that you need us urgently.

To support this volume of PCs and our team and to cater to your needs, we store over 20,000,000 pieces of spares – old and new – for replacement at any given time.
Tips for Computers
Switch of monitor or computer when not in use
Ensure computer is connected to a ups
Use legal software. Ensure activation to get updates/patches on time
Acquire and use a reliable antivirus
Do not open e-mails coming from unknown or distrusted sources
Avoid installing applications which not needed in day to day operations
Do not copy files from unknown source
Make backups of important personal files (documents, correspondence etc…) on an external source
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